Welcome to Little Santi Designs, a sanctuary of compassion and connection. Our heartfelt line of rings is a tribute to the sacred journey of early pregnancy loss and miscarriage. Inspired by the intimate story of our founder, who tenderly remembers her first child lost at 9 weeks, each ring holds the essence of a deeply personal connection.

Little Santi Designs is the embodiment of a mother's longing to honour her child and keep that precious bond alive. Crafted with meticulous attention, every ring is designed to mirror the size of the baby at the time of their passing. In this endeavour, we seek to infuse the impersonal landscape of early pregnancy with a tangible, meaningful touch.

Named in memory of baby Santi, whose name signifies both "saint" in Spanish and "peace" in Hindi, our rings stand as symbols of solace and serenity. For mothers navigating the intricate path of grief, these rings offer a tangible keepsake, a shimmering reminder of a love that transcends time and space.

Our mission at Little Santi Designs is to provide a haven of remembrance, understanding, and beauty. These rings are more than jewellery; they are vessels of love and resilience, designed to cradle the memories of those brief but cherished moments.

As you adorn a Little Santi Designs ring, you're inviting a sense of connection and remembrance into your daily life. Let it be a companion through the ebbs and flows of emotions, a tribute to your strength, and a declaration of the love that forever lives on.