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Guiding Your Choice Based on Your Journey

At Little Santi Designs, we understand the profound emotions tied to miscarriage jewellery. Our sterling silver and gold vermeil rings serve as cherished reminders of your little one following the journey through baby loss, miscarriage and pregnancy loss, crafted with care to honour your angel baby's memory.

Exploring Our Miscarriage Jewellery Significance:

Our collection encapsulates various stages of early pregnancy, with each ring representing the size of your baby during a specific week. From the delicate Poppy Seed to the vibrant Lime, each ring holds a personal connection.

Choosing the Right Miscarriage Ring:

Selecting the perfect miscarriage ring is a personal journey. Reflect on your experience of baby loss, and let our miscarriage jewellery guide help you. This will help you choose a ring that resonates with the specific stage of your journey.

- Weeks and Rings Guide:

- - Poppy Seed: Symbolising the very start of life, this ring is for anyone who has experienced baby loss at any stage.
- - Sesame Seed: 5 weeks
- - Lentil: 6 weeks
- - Blueberry: 7 weeks
- - Kidney Bean: 8 weeks
- -  Olive: 9 weeks
- - Strawberry: 10 weeks
- - Fig: 11 weeks
- - Lime: 12 weeks
- - Pea Pod: 13 weeks
- - Peach: 14 weeks
- - Apple: 15 weeks
- - Avocado: 16 weeks
- -  Pear: 17 weeks
- - Pomegranate: 18 weeks
- - Mango: 19 weeks
- - Artichoke: 20 weeks
- - Banana: 21 weeks
Honouring Your Angel Baby:

Embrace the love and bond you share with your little loved one through our miscarriage jewellery. Our rings serve as eternal symbols of remembrance and eternal love, crafted to provide comfort during times of loss.

Supporting Your Journey:

We understand the importance of support during the grieving process. We are here to assist you in finding the right miscarriage jewellery piece that resonates with you and your journey. 

Cherishing Memories with Miscarriage Jewellery:

Little Santi Designs is honoured to be a part of your story, offering miscarriage jewellery that serves as a lasting tribute to your angel baby. Let our sterling silver and gold vermeil rings be a beacon of hope and love as you navigate the path of baby loss.

Find solace and connection in our rings.

Little Santi Designs stands with you, whether your loss was in early pregnancy or later on. We are here to offer compassion and validation through our miscarriage keepsake rings crafted with care to honour your baby.