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Little Santi Designs

Mango Ring ♡ 19 weeks

Mango Ring ♡ 19 weeks

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Introducing our Mango Ring – a delicate piece crafted to honour early pregnancy loss and represent the size of your baby at 19 weeks. Designed with empathy by a U.K. designer who understands this journey, this ring symbolises the profound impact of a tiny life.

In those early pregnancy weeks when words fall short, this ring becomes a personal keepsake, preserving the memory of your baby as small as a mango.


⟡ Material: Sterling Silver or 18k gold vermeil
⟡ Protective e-coating

Ring Size Guide

Size 6:
- Measurement: 16.5 mm diameter
- Fit: Snug and delicate

Size 7:
- Measurement: 17.3 mm diameter
- Fit: A bit more room

Size 8:
- Measurement: 18.2 mm diameter
- Fit: Comfortably embraces your finger

Size 9:
- Measurement: 19.0 mm diameter
- Fit: Slightly more substantial

Jewellery Care

Caring for your cherished Little Santi ring is a beautiful way to honour its significance. Firstly, handle it with care, avoiding any rough activities. Remember to remove it before using harsh chemicals or applying perfume, as these can affect its lustre. Lastly, store it in a safe, separate spot when not worn, ensuring its lasting quality.

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Committed to providing meaningful, tangible connections

Join a global community of resilient and inspiring women, honouring their little ones through our jewellery. Created by a female founder who drew from her own journey of loss, each delicate piece from Little Santi Designs is intricately designed with heartfelt meaning, infusing every creation with personal significance.